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Property Investment in the North East

Why the North East?

The North East of England is full of beautiful contemporary culture, historical attractions, World Heritage Sites and dramatic landscapes all easily accessible from several airports including Newcastle International Airport.

If you have not visited the North East before you are missing out on one of England's great treats. As well as the stunning landscapes you also have some of the greatest manufacturing plants, factories & mills. All of these factors make the North East a brilliant place to live and also a great place to invest in property.

Property Investment in the North East

The North East is one of the best places to invest in property with it's array of low property prices, high rental yields & good probability of rising property prices in the future.

The demand for high quality rental property is very high and as the UK property market continues to go from strength to strength the market in the North East constantly offers some of the highest rental returns in the UK.

As mentioned above the North East has low but growing property prices allowing investors to obtain a high yielding property for less than the deposit on a low yielding property elsewhere. This makes buying an investment property in the North East is a very secure investment.

What we do

We provide our investors with the best service and advice available in Ready Let investment property and over the last 20 years we have built up a team of trusted knowledgeable property professionals in the North East of England.

We have enormous experience being a distant landlord whilst living in the South of England and we provide refurbished properties which are tenanted and give investors between 10-13% returns so they can sit back and reap the rewards of their investment.

We manage the whole process which saves investors lots of time & money as they don't need to carry out all the research and tasks that are required when it comes to sourcing, refurbishment and dealing with tenants.

More on property investment in the North East 


Research informs us that Buy to let Landlord are buying more properties in the North East to take advantage of the fantastic high return yields and low property prices.

In the North East most families rent their homes so there is a good supply of tenants in most places. Rental yields are typicall 10% plus. Many families stay in their rented properties for years as they are looking to build a home. 


There is also the following developments happening around the North East:

A large amazon Centre outside Durham is being built.

The old Smiths Crips factory in Peterlee has been bought by Heather Mills McCartney and will be employing approximatley 500 employees making Vegan food.

There is also plans for a business park in Durham.

Finally, the North East is a green beautiful county and many of its villages and towns are on the coast offering wonderful sea views.

There is little doubt that the North East is buzzing in all sorts of ways and makes for great investment.


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