About Us

A trusted network of property professionals for your piece of mind

We, Keith and Gill Burgess, have personally been investing in the North East since 2004 . Over the last 20 years we have built up a network of trusted knowledgeable property professionals who have in-depth local knowledge in the North East to select the right properties for you. We have enormous experience as distance landlords living in the South of England and investing in the North East.

What we do

We provide refurbished property which is tenanted and giving up to 13% return to landlords. Providing our investors with the best service and advice available in Ready Let investment property

What we provide you

Our team of tried and trusted experts will work for you. 
We find property, in areas that are easy to let out at high yields, often which need updating and refurbishing.
Our team of builders will move into the property and transform it.
We then put the property to our sister company Ready to Rent Management who will source, reference and set up  the tenants and then manage the property for you on an ongoing basis.  This way you can sit back and reap the rewards of your investment in a hassle free way from day one.

Letting in the North East

Over the years as distant property landlords we have come to realise the importance of good property management.  It can literally mean the difference between success in your portfolio and failure.  

We understand that you are purchasing property in the North East primarily to give yourself an income and the majority of our investors want to be armchair investors with little or no involvement in the day to day management of their property.

Our management team aims to maximise the rent collected from every property we manage as well as assisting you in understanding your legal requirements as landlords including health and safety, tenant/owner rights and responsibilities and take all reasonable steps to achieve compliance.

Durham County Council have recently bought in a Selective Licensing scheme for many of the properties in the County Durham area.  This comes in from 1 April 2022.  Our management agency, Ready to Rent Management is already a member of Durham County Councils' Private Landlord Accreditation Scheme and all of our properties are refurbished to the minimum of the Durham Decent Home Standard.  We will provide you all the documents and information that you will need to apply for the selective licence.