Investment Property For Sale with Tenants

Are you looking for high yielding investment property which is tenanted & fully managed?

Here at Readylet we provide refurbished ready let properties in the North East for investors looking for a secure way to invest which also provides high rental yields & returns.

We are based in the South of England but we have been investing in the North East for over 17 years and have sold over 300 properties to investors over the past 5 years.

The North East has a mix of low property prices, high rental yields and strong prospects for increasing house prices due to developments and various other reasons which makes the North East a great place to invest in property.

Tenanted and Fully Managed

We have an in-house local letting agency who select appropriate tenants through thorough referencing before you buy the property and after closely manages the rent collection and the upkeep of the properties for you.

We manage the full process for you so you can sit back and see the results of your investment. This involves collecting rent, inspecting properties, organising any repairs, dealing with housing benefits or universal credit claims and we will pay you your rent on 4th of each month.

Why Buy Investment Property from us?

We give property investors a secure way to buy their property because we have been investing in the North East for over 17 years so we have lots of knowledge of the area and the process, as well as being a distant landlord. 

We use our experience and knowledge to buy, refurbish, tenant the properties with our own cash before we sell them, and then look after the property for you on an ongoing basis.

n.b We do not give investment advice.  House prices and rents can go up and down.



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