Your one-stop-shop for property investing

Having been investing in property for more than 16 years we know how difficult it can be starting off on your own, especially when you have limited time and knowledge on where and how to invest in the best way possible. That's why we created ReadyLet as a one-stop-shop for property investors and people who are looking to invest in property without all the hassle. Below we are going to quickly discuss how we can help you invest in property.


Firstly and probably one of the most important aspects of investing in property is choosing the right location. We have personally been investing in the North East of England for over 16 years so we have built up tonnes of local knowledge and connections. The properties we sell to investors are all based in the North East particularly around the Durham area, this area of the UK provides low house prices, high rental yields and because of all the developments in and around the area there is a very high chance that property prices will increase in the future.

Buying & Refurbishing

We buy properties in need of refurbishment that will be easy to let for a high yield with our own cash and then we refurbish them to a standard much higher than most in the area. We are a preferred letting agent of County Durham Council so the properties are all up to at least the Durham Decent Home Standard and with all the new amenities & features it makes the letting side of things easier because the homes are more aesthetically pleasing.


To make sure you are making the most of your investment, it's vital to have tenants in your investment property. This process on its own can be very daunting and time consuming which is again why we manage the whole process for you. We have a tenant and rental side of the business which sources and finds suitable tenants, collects rents, inspects properties, organises any repairs, deals with housing benefit or universal credit claims and pays you your rent on 4th of each month.


ReadyLet is a one-stop-shop for investing in property and we will walk you through and help manage the whole process so you can sit back and reap the rewards. We provide high yielding properties in the North East of England and have sold over 200 properties to investors over the past few years. If you would like to find out more about our process and what we offer give us a call on 01483 66300.