What is a high yielding property?

Sourcing or obtaining a ‘high yielding property’ is something that is spoken about all the time amongst property investors and online communities but what exactly is a high yielding property and why does it matter so much?

When investing into property, rental yields are often one of the biggest factors to take into account and be aware of as the rental yield on a property is basically the results an investor is likely to achieve through rent. Rental yields are often displayed as a percentage figure and it is calculated by taking the yearly rental income and dividing it by the gross amount that was invested into the property.

Achieving a good rental yield for your investment property is really important because if the yield is not high enough then you can end up only breaking even on your investment or worse actually losing money, especially when those unexpected issues come up like property maintenance or having a period of time where your property is not occupied by paying tenants.

At ReadyLet Properties we have been investing in property in the North East of England for over 16 years due to the high rental yields and ever expanding economy and job market. The properties that we source and renovate offer our investors yields of between 9-13% and we also manage the full process for you including finding and managing tenants.

You can find out more about our process below:

  1. Using our local expertise we buy properties in areas that will be easy to let at high yields.
  2. The property is then refurbished using our local workforce ensuring the property is raised to a standard that exceeds most in the local area.
  3. Our in-house local letting agency then carefully selects and manages appropriate tenants by thoroughly referencing them and closely managing rent collection and upkeep.
  4. Before completion of the property we place it onto the market and sell to investors just like you who are looking for high yields and a fully managed process so they can sit back and enjoy the rewards of property without all the hassle.

To summarise, having a high yielding property is very important in ensuring your investment provides positive returns and you don’t end up just breaking even or worse losing money.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for investing in property that also provides high yields and is fully managed you are in the right place - contact our team today.