Investing in Property with Zero Hassle

Investing in property and becoming a landlord can be demanding at times, there is lots of research to conduct, processes to manage and also tenants to source and deal with.

That’s why at ReadyLet we offer a one-stop shop in property investing, we manage the full process for you so you can sit back and receive the amazing benefits that investing in property has to offer without all the demanding (and sometimes stressful) work involved.

If you're looking to invest in property but you are not sure where to start then drop us a call, you can also find out more about our process and how we can help you below.

Where to invest?

Finding a lucrative area to invest in can be challenging, luckily we have done all the research for you and we focus our efforts on the North East of England particularly around the Durham area.

We have personally been investing in the North East of England for over 16 years because of its low property prices, high rental yields and the huge probability of rising property prices in the future due to all the expansion and growth in and around the area.

We have sold over 200 properties to investors around this area and we have tonnes of experience being a distant landlord (being based down south in the UK). Over the last 20 years we have created a trusted network of professionals who have in-depth local knowledge of the North East to help us select the right properties for all of our clients that offer high returns on your safe and profitable investment (between 10-13%).

Refurbishing properties

As you are probably aware by refurbishing a property you can increase the value and ease of being able to fill it with tenants due to all the new features and aesthetics of the home. The difficulty can be locating and managing a reliable workforce and knowing that all the work is going to be done to the best standard.

This is why again at ReadyLet we refurbish all of our properties before selling them to investors using our full-time workforce of builders. The properties are refurbished to a level better than most in the area so rest assured that this part of the process is managed and completed for you.

Finding and managing tenants

Another huge part of property investing is making sure your property has tenants to make your investment as profitable as possible. Finding, sourcing and doing all the legal work around tenancy can be hugely demanding which is why we have an in house local letting agency who carefully select tenants with thorough referencing and then after this they closely manage rent collection and the all the upkeep of the properties for you.


Investing in property can be very time consuming so unless you have lots of time and experience it can be difficult to make the most of your investment and have full faith that everything is being done to the best standard so that you are getting the best returns.

Our goal is to give our investors the very best service and advice possible whilst also saving you lots of time by managing your investment property for you. If you're looking for a high yielding property that is fully managed and tenanted then contact us today to speak with our team.