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We specialise in providing high yielding

Ready Let

in & around the Durham area




Creating, Tenanting & Managing
High Yield Rental Properties

We are offering a perfect choice of investment for those with a capital sum to invest. Every investor has different goals and reasons for wanting to invest. We offer the opportunity to invest in such a way that means you are getting a high yield on your property and your money is safe in your property.

We have a friendly team who are happy to talk to you about what we can offer. If after a telephone conversation you want to take this further we can arrange for our Project Manager in the North East to talk to you by telephone, a live video link, or when appropriate, you can visit to see the properties for yourself.


Properties For Sale

We specialise in selling high yield, ready let properties in the North East England. Our properties offer between 8 -12 % yield.

We have sold in excess of 200 properties since May 2017 to investors who come back for more properties.

We have been investing in properties in the North East of England for over 17 years of years so are used to the issues of being distant landlords.


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Our core offerings are:


Using our local expertise, knowledge and staff we buy properties in need of refurbishment in areas that will be easy to let at high yields.


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The property is refurbished using our local highly skilled workforce to a standard that exceeds most rental properties in the area and to a minimum of the Durham Decent Home Standard.


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We have an in house local letting agency who carefully select appropriate tenants, by thoroughly referencing them and then after closely managing rent collection and the upkeep of the properties.


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Before completion of the property refurbishment, we put the property onto the market so that legal completion can take place as soon as the property is refurbished and tenanted.

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Why we are the best in Durham

We have personallybeen
investing in County Durham since 2004

Up to
12 % Rental Yields

No Stamp Duty on
Properties below £40,000


We are experience in the legal
process and can hold your hand through it.

Speedy & easy
completion process

We provide personal
experience of being a distant landlord


We offer stacks
of local knowledge to share

We operate with a
straightforward and ethical approach

We have a sister company
that can manage your lettings


Why a high yielding property matters

Achieving a good rental yield is highly important when investing in property that's why all of our properties provide between 8% and 13% yields to our investors. If you don’t have a high enough yield, when those unexpected problems occur you can end up losing money and worst off if you are only breaking even or infact your yield is so low that income falls short of outgoings, then you will be losing money each year on a poor choice investment. Our properties at Ready Let offer such a way to invest that you are getting high yield returns and your money is safe in your property.


What is a good rental yield then?

We believe a good rental yield to be above 7% or more BUT all the properties we provide for investors achieve between 8 - 13%. Anything less than 7% could be risky as there might not be enough cash flow to cover any possible problems that might occur as mentioned above We have been investing in the North East for over 16 years for the high yield returns and demand in the area so we have lots of local knowledge and support we can offer.


What exactly is a rental yield?

When investing in property rental yields are probably one of the most important aspects to calculate and be aware of. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional in the property investment industry calculating the rental yields on your properties is a must! Rental yield is the returns an investor is likely to achieve on a property through rent. Rental yield is displayed as a percentage figure and is calculated by taking the yearly rental income and dividing it by the gross amount that was invested into the property. You can use our rental yield calculator to find out the yearly yield on your property or a property you are thinking of purchasing.

Why County Durham?

As mentioned most of the properties we sell to investors are based in and around the Country Durham area which was named in the top 10 highest yielding areas of the UK in an article published by Zoopla in September 2020. The properties we sell actually outshine Zoopla's stats on Country Durham as our properties offer investors yields of between 8-13%.