Boris Johnsons Ambition to Reopen Another Railway Station in County Durham - Ferryhill

The Prime Minister has offered encouragement to plans to re-open the County Durham station.  Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson said he would make it his "ambition" to attend the official station re-opening.

The Ferryhill railway station in County Durham would create a link between Consett and Newcastle and Gateshead

The Sedgefield MP Mr Howell is leading calls to re-open the station, a few miles south of Durham, which was closed during the Beeching Cuts of the 1960s.

The MP said in the letter: "The re-opening of Ferryhill station in the heart of my constituency of Sedgefield would be a comparatively low-cost project which will open up the north's railways system to many who need it.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Howell said: "As we exit the pandemic, it is critical that we not only stimulate the UK economy, but start the important process of levelling up."

He added: "Can I also ask him to join me in opening the station at Ferryhill that I'm sure he's going to ask the Transport Secretary to approve?"

Mr Johnson told him: "Whether it's 300,00 homes that we want to build every year, massive investment in gigabit broadband, huge investment in railways and roads, I will make sure that I add to that an ambition to come and see Ferryhill station launched with him."

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