The North East is top of the yield charts right now - Zoopla

Ready to become a landlord and want the biggest return on your investment? It’s worth getting to grips with rental yield if you’re purchasing a buy-to-let property.

If you’re looking for an investment property, rental yield can help you decide if the cost of the property is worth the potential rental income. Gross rental yield is the amount of money you make from a rental property each year, compared to the cost of buying it. It is calculated by taking the annual rental income and dividing it by the gross sum invested into the property.  Net rental yield also factors in the cost of maintaining the rental property. Both are usually expressed as a percentage and can help you decide if a property is a good investment.

Zoopla has recently reported that the region with the highest rental yields in the UK is currently the North East, where the average gross yield is 7.2%. 

Our properties in County Durham offer 9% gross yields on average, making them even better than the average buy-to-let in the North East!  We also assist with the entire process, including sourcing the properties in areas of high rental demand and managing the tenants, meaning less stress for you. 

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Source - The highest yielding areas for buy-to-let property in the UK - Zoopla