Benefits of buying property with cash, instead of finance

  • You won't have to pay interest on a loan so you take home more of the rental income
  • No exit or arrangement fees or extra legals to pay
  • You won’t have to worry about losing the property if the lender decides to pull out or change its lending criteria or if the process is taking too long so the seller decides to pull out
  • The purchase process is quicker so you will be earning your rental income sooner.
  • You do not need to worry about mortgage rates going even higher in the future or lenders changing their lending criteria and making it hard for you to remortgage in the future.
  • No one else will have a charge over your property so you are in complete control of decisions such as when you wish to sell the property or who you want living in it
  • Ability to get access to great deals such as the ones we sell at Readylet, which wouldn’t be available with a mortgage purchase because of the required speed of completions and the quick turnaround times between us buying, refurbishing and selling the properties.